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Deduplication beyond backup

The State of Primary Storage Data Deduplication

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The value of deduplication is immediately obvious in backup. Because of tradition (and operational laziness) people back up the same data day after day, week after week, month after month (etc., you get the idea). Multiple copies of the same data are obviously prime targets for deduplication. The value of data deduplication for primary storage is still not being talked about. It’s like the crazy aunt that’s kept locked up in the attic. But deduplication is great for other applications, like NAS, for the same reason. People make and keep multiple copies of the same data because of tradition and operational laziness. We just don’t talk about duplicate data in NAS like we talk about duplicate data in backup.

The evidence is so obvious that big companies, like NetApp, have grasped it. That’s why NetApp offers their deduplication with a guarantee (guarantee!) that it will save 1/2 of used storage. That’s a safe bet. The real savings are closer to 80%. Don’t other storage companies get it? Of course they do. But why kill the goose that’s busy laying golden eggs? Storage companies LOVE duplicate data because they sell the capacity to store it.

The revolution will start some day. It will need one big, Tier 1 to tell the dirty secret and let the crazy aunt out of the attic. Then the floodgates will open. Until then, it’s an uphill battle.

Until then, our small community (Greenbytes, Storewize, Ocarina and Exar) we keep evangelizing primary storage deduplication in our own small way.

But wait! Is there light at the end of the tunnel? Didn’t I just get an email solicitation from EMC about “Nearline deduplication” coupled with DataDomain? Maybe the start of the primary storage deduplication revolution is upon us!

Let’s see what happens.


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May 27, 2010 at 8:16 am

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